Mechanical and biological water treatment forms the basis of our farm.

Farming with micro-organisms

Our culture water contains no artificial additives. Clean water is produced with the aid of biological filtration units.

Microorganisms growing in these filters create the best conditions for a controlled, residue-free and healthy growth process of our eel. This process takes place in a recirculation system so that all the water is recycled and re-used. Result: low energy use!

From glass eel to adult eel

From the purchase of glass eel to delivery of the farmed eel, the eel grows in 3 units with optimal water temperature until the eel is ready for consumption.

Release of eels to open inland waters

Some of our glass eels are grown into fingerlings, or elvers, weighing between 3 and 10 grams each, for release into the inland waters of the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. .
The release of elvers is an important tool in supporting stock levels and in the sustainability of the eel industry.


We are members of Dupan, the Foundation for Sustainable Eel Sector, The Netherlands, Dutch Eel Growers Association (NeVeVi), and in addition we are certified by the Sustainable Eelgroup.